Blog about men's shoes

Blog about men's shoes

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Duke of Windsor is the title received by the British King Edward VIII after his abdication. He ruled for a short time, from January 20th to December 10th, 1936, and decided to abdicate in order to marry a twice-divorced woman named Wallis Simpson.

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What is it about leather that’s so special? When we talk about leather footwear, it’s usually obvious that we’re talking about something that’s inherently desirable, but what is it about this material that makes it so special? And how did it come to gain it’s place and status in the modern world?

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Church’s or Clark’s, Trickers or Grenson, Loake or Cheaney shoes look beautiful itself.  It emphasizes the style of the owner and creates his personal portrait. But even the best quality shoes will lose their shine and gloss without proper care.  How to clean your shoes properly to keep them looking decent?

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The formation of shoe wardrobe is a responsible task, and we advise to approach it thoughtfully and carefully. The fact is that it is easy to make expensive mistakes — for example, to buy not versatile shoes but much more exotic model that you won't have much reason to wear to.

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