Classic boots

Classic boots

Classic boots are practical shoes that can be very versatile. Its formality depends on several factors: sole thickness and material, type of shoelace, leather shade and type. The signs of high quality are the welted structures, all-leather or fur lining, as well as the neat finish - features that characterize all the models presented in this section.

Classic boots are most relevant in autumn, winter and spring, when the weather is often not the most pleasant. They better protect the feet from the cold than shoes and better fit for dirty and damp areas.

However, they can look elegant and stylish – as Michael Anton, an American style expert, writes, "if the boots are sewn on a good last, they look almost indistinguishable from the shoes, especially if their top is covered with trousers".

The most versatile classic boots are brown and burgundy models, made of smooth leather and equipped with thin rubber soles. Leather soles reduce the practicality of the shoes, and it is necessary to install rubber outsole in most cases. The waxed or grained leather top, on the other hand, increases the practicality but reduces the officiality; the same applies to thick rubber cleated soles.

What can you combine classic boots with? Many models are in perfect harmony with chinos, corduroy, flannel and tweed trousers; in addition, almost all the classic boots can be worn with jeans. Suits are different. Not every model is suitable for a strict business suit, but many boots harmonize with not too official models of textured materials (tweed, flannel).

If you are looking for a model that could be worn with a suit and jeans, pay attention to Loake Hyde —this is one of the most versatile options. The maximum officiality among the models presented at us differ Grenson Leander boots — they can be worn even with a smooth woolen dark suit, but they will not fit to jeans. Berwick 317, 321, 286 or 287, as well as Grenson Fred, Loake Bedale, Burford Rubber Sole and Wolf are a different story. These models are in perfect harmony with jeans and informal unpaired trousers and are also very practical; the only disadvantage is that these boots are no longer good companions for formal business suits.

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