How to clean shoes properly

How to clean shoes properly

Church’s or Clark’s, Trickers or Grenson, Loake or Cheaney shoes look beautiful itself. It emphasizes the style of the owner and creates his personal portrait. But even the best quality shoes will lose their shine and gloss without proper care. How to clean your shoes properly to keep them looking decent?

Smooth leather shoe care

The first thing to do is to remove dust from your shoes, as it can damage the surface of leather in the process of care. You can shake off outdoor dust with a soft, clean brush.

Then the shoes should be cleaned of dirt and old shoe polish. For this purpose, you can use special shampoos, foams or sprays produced by companies specializing in genuine leather care products. Light dirt can be removed with a damp sponge or cloth slightly dampened in clean, warm water. Do not soak your shoes under a stream of water and do not wash them in the washing machine — leave this dubious honor to the sneakers.

When the surface of the leather will dry, you can apply organic fat cream to repel moisture and soften the leather. Applying of the cream to the leather is better with a special soft shoe brush.

If the shoes are new, you can use a colorless polish. However, the color of leather will fade over time, which is a natural process that you should not be afraid of. To renew the original shoe color, you will need a colored polish.

Experts recommend choosing the polish that is on a tone lighter than the shoes. This simple method will refresh the appearance of the shoes and hide scratches and scuffs.

To check, apply a bit of polish to the counter and wrap it with a shoe brush. If the color fits, you can safely apply the polish to the toe.

Use a soft brush to gently shade the polish around your shoes. When the cream is slightly dry, the surface should be polished. For this purpose, it is better to use a horsehair brush.

And as soon as the brush starts to slide easily over the skin, you can move on to the next step — polishing. A piece of velvet fabric can be used for this purpose. While polishing the shoes, the velvet stripe removes the brush marks and creates that glossy shine natural leather is famous by.

Suede shoe care

The main enemy of suede shoes is dust. To remove this inescapable substance, it is better to use special brushes with short bristles of medium hardness, which will "shake off" the nap of suede. The 8 shape brushes that lift the flattened pile and remove dirt and debris are also suitable.

We categorically recommend not to use shampoo and other cleaning fluids for a thorough suede cleaning, as they worsen the surface condition. It is better to use a special rubber brush that cleans glossy surfaces. And you can use shoe shampoo to wash the sole and insole.

Instead of a polish, care product manufacturers recommend using a suede spray with a coloring pigment. Of course, it is not always possible to select the desired shade successfully, so it is better to take a colorless spray in this case. The polish can be used for the sole: it should be carefully applied with a toothbrush and polished with a velvet cloth.

These simple recommendations will help you extend the life of your favorite shoes, especially since these procedures will not take much time.

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