Shoes for smart casual

Shoes for smart casual

Many people say that smart casual is a style, but it's more of a soft dress code. The fact is that smart casual covers several different styles — American preppy, British country, Milanese, Neapolitan... Besides, the style assumes something more than a simple set of wardrobe items — it is formed under the influence of several factors, including social, climatic, historical, religious and others.

What kind of shoes fits the concept of smart casual? Variety, and this article will give you some typical examples: from Belgian loafers to punched cap oxfords and chelsea boots. In the first part of the article we will talk about summer variants, and in the second part we will talk about winter variants.

Smart casual in the warm season

In this situation you can draw inspiration from the Italians. As a rule, they prefer brown shoes of the most different shades and models. These can be tassel or penny loafers, Belgian loafers, single or double strap monks. Lace-up shoes are also suitable — both oxfords and derby, but not too formal (so, black oxfords without broguing are not suitable, but brown ones can be suitable, as well as black semi-brogue oxfords). Suede and smooth calfskin are usually used as materials, less often wicker leather. Colours are red, brown, dark blue, dark green, beige, burgundy and sometimes black.

You can leave one strap unbuckled on a double monk — this is what Italians like to do. However, if there is only one strap on the monks, you shouldn't unbuckle it, just as you shouldn't unbuckle both straps on double monks.

Other, more rare variants — very light suede shoes on reddish-brown soles, very classical model, and two-color shoes — spectator shoes. In the second case it is better to give preference to the brown and white models of smooth leather and suede. Models with textile top parts — for example, linen — are more difficult to care for. Spectators can be lacing shoes (usually brogues) or loafers.

Even rarer models, such as kiltie (leather lining with a pinked front edge) loafers or monks, can also be purchased.

More informal shoes — white or creamy low shoes, sneakers. Some people classify them as smart casual, but not everyone agrees with it — after all, these shoes are closer to the usual casual. In any case, do not confuse these models with sneakers for sports. They differ in narrow silhouette, monotony and minimalist design. You can combine them with jeans, chinos or linen pants.

Smart casual in the cold season

A good choice in cold weather are chukka boots. Usually they are made of suede, but there are also models made of smooth leather, as well as pebble grain leather. The most formal variants are versions on thin leather soles. Thicker soles are clearly less formal, although Gianni Agnelli, for example, sometimes combined the appropriate model with a strict clothing.

Another good option is to wear monks, shoes and lacing boots, as these are more closed shoes. The strictest models like black oxfords without broguing are not smart casual, but various black, brown and burgundy brogues, on the contrary, perfectly correspond to this concept. They can be made of suede, smooth calfskin or pebble grain leather. The soles can be both leather and rubber, but the rubber versions should not be too thick. The Dainite sole, for example, corresponds to smart casual, when Commando is not.

One shouldn't forget about the chelsea boots - a practical and universal model, which in burgundy or dark-brown version is suitable not only for smart casual images, but also for wearing with business suits, as well as for very informal ensembles (for example, with jeans and sweaters). Black chelsea is stricter, but it is suitable for a number of smart casual looks.

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