Spanish shoe brands

Spanish shoe brands

Spanish shoes are less popular than English or Italian; however, they have enough admirers. Spanish footwear (we will list the brands below) is of high quality and stylish design. We have compiled the most complete and detailed list: from leading and iconic suppliers of handmade brand shoes to affordable and niche brands that deal not only with shoes, but also with clothes, bags, accessories and other items. For your convenience, our Spanish shoe brand guide is listed in alphabetical order. We also made brief reviews and descriptions for each brand in our text: the history of Spanish shoe companies, individual features, similarities and differences, their characteristics, examined the range, design style and production standards. Some trading brands are engaged not only in men's and women's shoes, but also produce various other items: clothes, boots, bags, briefcases, belts and other accessories. But we will not focus on it.

Spanish shoe manufactures

The list is not a rating, and all shoe brands are ranged in alphabetical order. You can go directly to the necessary companies in the catalogue by clicking on the letter you need:

  • Andres Sendra, a small brand from Almansa, opens our listing of brands. It dates back to 1913, the name of the brand comes from the name of the founder. It still remains a family business and, like hundred years ago, produces shoes and boots in the construction Goodyear Welted. The design is classic and usually formal, strict, restrained, but there are also quite creative bright models with contrasting elements. Suede and calfskin are used for the top: box calf, museum calf, crust. The lining is made of leather; the soles are usually also leather, with a bevelled waist (fiddle). It is possible to order a unique patina of various shades and types. Made in Spain.
  • Animas Code is a young little-known Spanish shoe brand on the list, which is not included in the top of famous brands. It is located in the Almansa area. It produces a wide range of models, from strict and conservative to bright and original, sometimes controversial. Quite often, experiments with design are conducted. Smooth calfskin, patent leather, suede, grained leather and textiles (including tweed) are used as top materials. Sometimes the leather is dyed and patinated by hand. Soles are made of leather and rubber; lining is made of calfskin. Blake construction. Made in Spain.
  • A. Leyva is not a very famous Spanish shoe brand. The brand exists since the 1960s. It produces not only shoes, but also belts, as well as some other leather accessories (in fact, A. Leyva is focused on belt production). The shoe design of the Spanish brand is usually conservative, restrained and strict, without any experiment in the form of patterns; the shoe range is rather narrow. Suede and calf leather of the middle class (grained, smooth matte and smooth glossy) are used as top materials. The lining is made of leather, and the soles are usually also of leather, but with rubber inserts. Goodyear Welted construction. A. Leyva shoes and accessories are made in Spain.
  • Art is a cool brand of informal Spanish men's and women's shoes, founded in 1995. Men's shoes in Spain and brands are of very high quality. The brand Art produces shoes, sandals, clogs, sneakers, as well as high-heeled shoes with a very informal look. Spanish sneakers of this brand also have an informal look, although more strict models can be found. The design is often unusual and vibrant, although you can find quite restrained models in the Art collections. For the top, matte, glossy, printed and metallic leather is used, as well as suede. Soles are usually made of synthetic materials; for linings and insoles, textiles, leather and high-tech breathable and hygroscopic synthetics with antibacterial properties are used. The constructions are so-called Goodyear Flexible and Stitch 360. Country of origin is Spain.
  • Barrats 1890 is a Spanish shoe brand located on the island of Mallorca. Despite the number 1890 in the title, the site states that it was created several decades ago (if you dig around, you can also find a specific date, 1999). The top of Barrats 1890 shoes is made of calf leather (matte, glossy, patent leather), kangaroo leather and suede; the soles are made of leather and rubber, the lining is made of cow leather (however, sometimes there is no lining). Design is usually restrained and classic, but there are exceptions. The construction is at least sometimes Blake. All Barrats 1890 shoes are produced in Spain in their own factory all to pieces.
  • Berwick is a young but already well-known in narrow circles Spanish shoe brand (classic men's shoes and boots), owned by Milan Classic S.A. It specializes in models of the construction Goodyear Welted and is known among connoisseurs for outstanding value for money. The design is almost always classic and in the English style; exceptions are rare. There is no branding, there are no images of the label and emblems on the shoes. The top of Berwick shoes, of course, is made of European leather of various types: greased, waxed, grained, smooth matte, smooth polished; sometimes there are models made of cordovan, suede, as well as hand-dyed leather. There are no models made of skin of exotic animals. Spanish brand Berwick is very popular. The lining is completely made of leather, but the soles can be made of both leather and rubber (in particular, Dainite); there are also combined options (leather + rubber). The top line Premium Grade is slightly higher in level than the main one; leather soles of the German company J. Rendenbach are used for it, and the seam on the soles is closed (closed channel stitching). The basis of the range: Oxfords, Derby, Loafers, Monks, Chelsea, topsiders. Other models can always be found in the line of the brand. Popular colors: black, brown, burgundy, sandybrown. Also, models with decorative perforation (broguing) can be found. All Berwick shoes are made in Spain. The size range is wide.
    Spanish shoe brand Berwick
  • Bow-Tie is a young Spanish shoe brand that draws inspiration from the fashion of British aristocracy of the 19th century and specializes in sleeper shoes (elegant and comfortable shoes designed primarily for home wear). However, Bow-Tie also produces classic street shoes and boots, often in construction Goodyear Welted (however, sleepers, of course, are made in the construction Cemented). The brand produces also espadrilles, moccasins and topsiders. The materials used by Bow-Tie are French smooth calf skin box calf, grained leather country calf, suede from England and woollen fabrics from the company Holland & Sherry. Soles and lining are usually made of leather; some models have crepe soles or British rubber soles Dainite. The design is mostly classic, but some sleeper models have, frankly, an extraordinary and bright appearance. Products are made in Spain.
  • Calce is the name of men's shoe brand from the historical shoe region Almansa, which exists since 1959. The range is rather narrow; design style can be both conservative and very modern, sometimes even controversial and ambiguous. The top of Calce shoes is often made of kangaroo leather, but sometimes suede and calfskin are also used. Sometimes there are no lining in the shoes of this brand, but if it is, it is made of leather. Soles are made of both leather and rubber; their thickness varies greatly depending on the model. Some Calce shoes have leather soles with rubber inserts. The constructions are Mocassin, Goodyear Welted. Made in Spain.
  • Calzados Vidal Fernandez is another representative of Spanish shoes, a small brand that produces men's and women's classic shoes. It was founded in 1964 and is based in the very center of Spain. It produces a fairly wide range of models with a traditional design, mostly in the English style. For the top, calfskin and suede are used. The construction is usually Blake Rapid (sometimes just Blake). The soles are made of leather (double and single), as well as of rubber (in particular, from the company Vibram). The lining is made of smooth cow skin. Made in Spain.
  • Camper is a large and widely promoted Spanish shoe brand on the list (mass market), quite simple in appearance. It was founded in 1975 on the island of Mallorca. The range is the widest, casual shoes dominate in it, there are also sports models. Many shoes and boots have an original design, but this is not a classic. The constructions are different: Vulcanised, Cemented; quite often there are models with sewn soles. The upper is usually made of smooth cow leather, the lining is made of leather or textile (often leather is combined with textile materials - cotton and / or synthetics). Some models have a Gore-Tex membrane. Soles are made of synthetic materials. Made in China.
  • Carmina is a highly respected in narrow circles and large brand of shoes in Spain, which has a high status among people who know classic shoes. It is located on the island of Mallorca and exists since 1997; it was founded by Jose Albaladejo Puhadas, whose family was engaged in sewing shoes in the middle of the XIX century. The upper part of Carmina shoes is most often made of high quality calf skin full-grain (usually box calf, rarely museum calf), but sometimes cordovan, suede, alligator, lizard and crocodile skin are used. Leather lining. The soles are also most often made of leather, and the seams are closed (closed channel stitching). However, you can find models with rubber soles and leather soles with factory rubber prophylaxis. The constructions are Goodyear Welted, Storm Welted. Spanish brand Carmina. The design is classic and noble; the shoetrees are often elegant, but rather narrow. Finishing is beautiful and neat. Made completely in Spain. There is the opportunity of customized shoe making according to the made-to-order program (without making individual shoetrees that would fit the foot width). In addition, Carmina has a line of female models, also in the construction Goodyear Welted. By the way, Spanish women's shoes and brands are not very popular there.
    Spanish shoe brand Carmina
  • Castaner is a brand of Spanish shoes on the list, a large and one of the best manufacturers specializing in espadrilles, light summer shoes with jute soles and textile or suede upper. The oldest brand dates back to 1776, but the Castaner shoe factory in Spain was founded much later, in 1927. The company became popular worldwide in the late 20th century. Today Castaner produces its branded espadrilles (under its own brand), and also makes them for a number of widespread brands, including Louis Vuitton and Hermes. For the top, textiles and suede are used; the soles are made of jute and equipped with rubber pads for durability and moisture resistance. Lining is missing. The design can be different: sometimes it is classic, and sometimes very original (the brand even offers a kind of hybrid of boots with espadrilles). Country of origin is Spain.
  • Chie Mihara is not a very old brand of women's shoes, founded in 2002 by designer Chi Mihara. It has its own small factory and produces both very original designer models and shoes with a restrained appearance. The basis for them is suede and calf skin (most often matte, but sometimes metallized); a comfortable lining is made of very soft genuine leather, which provides comfort when wearing shoes, and the soles are made of leather with special anti-slip rubber pads. The range is extremely wide. Made in Spain.
  • Cordwainer is a young company from Almansa, known for its shoes with inserts of braided leather. However, in the assortment of Cordwainer there are many more traditional models, including those with a classic restrained appearance. There are also unusual-looking shoes and boots. According to the designers of the brand, the fashion of the mid-20th century served as a source of inspiration for their creation. Shoe construction is Goodyear Welted; manual labour is used in production, although not to the maximum extent possible. Top of the Cordwainer shoes and boots is made of both suede and calf skin, which in some cases is dyed by hand. The lining and soles are usually made of leather, but sometimes there are shoes with rubber soles (occasionally from Dainite). Country of origin is Spain.
    Spanish shoe brand Cordwainer
  • Crownhill Shoes is a Spanish classic shoe brand based in Madrid. It produces shoes in the constructions Goodyear Welted, Blake and Kiowa (the latter is used for topsiders). The top is made of smooth calf and cow skin (technology of making leather: crust, box calf), grained leather and suede; these materials are purchased from tanneries from Germany, France, Finland and Italy. Models of crust leather are dyed by hand. Leather lining. Soles are made of leather and rubber, there are also combined soles (leather with rubber inserts). The most expensive models are equipped with oak bark tanned soles from the J. Rendenbach tannery, and the seams on them are closed. The range is wide; the design is usually classic. Made in Spain.
  • Edward Allan is a small and little-known shoe manufacturer in Spain. City: Almansa. It has its own factory. Its shoes are made in the construction Goodyear Welted, and suede, grained cow skin and smooth calf skin serve as materials. The lining is made of 100% leather, and the soles are made of leather or rubber (depending on the model line). Design can be different: sometimes it is conservative and strict, and sometimes it is original and even controversial. Country of origin is Spain.
  • El Naturalista is a Spanish brand with a 20-year history, owned by the same company as the above mentioned brand Art. El Naturalista uses cow skin from European tanneries, as well as eco-leather and suede with a waterproof treatment for the top of its shoes. For lining, calf and pig skin, faux fur and textiles of various origins (including bamboo) are used. Soles are made of rubber and a variety of synthetic materials. The assortment is wide and consists of casual shoes: boots and informal shoes. There are also Spanish sport shoes of this brand. There are no classics and strict models; design can be both trendy and original, and nondescript. Some models are suitable for vegans. The constructions are Stitch 360 and others. Production is performed not only in Spain, but also in Morocco.
  • Enrile is the brand of Spanish shoes, which presents a small atelier based in southern Spain and engaged in sewing bespoke and made-to-order shoes for men. It was founded in 1997. The design is classic and conservative. The construction is Hand-Welted; there is a high proportion of manual labour in production. The top of Enrile shoes is made of calf skin and cordovan; the lining is made of vegetable tanned calf skin. The soles are usually also made of leather, and they come from the German tannery J. Rendenbach, and the seams on them are closed (a sign of a high level). Made in Spain. It is should be added that Enrile makes not only shoes, but also leather accessories: wallets, belts, watch straps, bags and briefcases. They are also of excellent quality.
  • Hispanitas is a major Spanish brand of women's shoes, founded in 1995, although it dates back to 1925. It has a large factory of its own and boasts an impressive sales volume of 1 million pairs per year. Today Hispanitas shoes are sold in more than 50 countries. The range of the brand is huge, there you can find both strict and conservative models, as well as design ones with an outstanding appearance. The material for the top is cow skin of various types: smooth matte, polished, textured. Suede is used quite often. The soles are made of rubber, the lining is made of leather. The construction is mostly Vulcanised. Made in Spain.
  • Lodi is a brand of designer and classic women's shoes, founded in 1978. It produces a wide variety of models. In the Lodi assortment you can find both very restrained and strict shoes, as well as highly decorated and / or catchy specimens. For the top, different types of leather are used: smooth matte, metallized, printed, glossy patent leather. In addition, Lodi has many suede models, and the range of colors is very wide. The soles are usually rubber. Made in Spain.
  • Lottusse is a brand of women's and men's shoes of high quality and level created in 1877. Like many other brands on our list, it is based in Mallorca. It is one of the few manufacturers offering women's shoes made in the construction Goodyear Welted and with a significant share of manual labour. Although it is worth noting that many models of Lotusse women's shoes are made in other constructions. For the top, leather of different tanning types is used (chrome, vegetable, combined), as well as with different types of finishing (matte, polished glossy, metallized, grained). Sometimes the skin is dyed by hand. In addition, suede is used for making of some shoes. Soles are rubber, leather, combined (leather with rubber insert). The design is diverse; Lotusse has very conservative-looking models, but the range of this brand includes very original shoes and boots, as well as sport shoes. Country of origin is Spain.
  • Luis Gonzalo is a Spanish shoe brand for men and women that dates back to the 1960s. It is located in Almansa. The assortment includes both classic models with a traditional design in the English style, as well as more designer options with teenage models. The top is made of suede and leather of different types: matte smooth, printed, perforated, braided. Made in Spain.
  • Magnanni is another shoe brand from Spain. Location: Almansa. It was founded in 1954 and specializes in classic shoes with a design bias. Many Magnanni shoes are dyed manually, and their construction is often peculiar, Bologna, but with a sole sewn partially by hand (however, Magnanni shoes are more often found in the usual construction Bologna). Leather for the top comes from France, Italy and Spain, and Magnanni uses skin not only of calves, but also of crocodiles, alligators and lizards. Soles are rubber, leather or combined (leather with rubber insert). Waist of leather soles is rounded; on the soles of the most expensive Magnanni shoes the seams are closed, and the soles themselves are perfectly decorated. Lining is made of genuine leather. Country of origin is Spain.
    Spanish shoe brand Magnanni
  • Martinelli is another representative of Spanish shoes, a brand created in 1973 and since 2007 owned by Pikolinos, which will be described in detail below. It produces a very wide range of women's and men's shoes. In the Martinelli assortment you can find both strict business models, and informal, sometimes even sporty ones. Suede and calf skin (matte, polished is more rare) are usually used for the top of shoes and boots of this brand, leather and textiles are used for lining (however, the most expensive Martinelli shoes are equipped with a leather lining). Soles are usually made of synthetic materials, but there are also models with leather soles, and their waist is usually rounded (bevelled). The constructions are Blake, Cemented. Design is both classic and original, sometimes controversial. Often there is a discreet external branding. Made in Spain.
  • Meermin is a fairly well-known brand in the Internet community, one of the market leaders. It specializes in budget classic shoes in the construction Goodyear Welted (more expensive Meermin models are made in the construction Hand-Welted). This brand was founded in 2001; calfskin and suede from Western Europe are used for the top of its boots and shoes. Lining is made of 100% leather; soles are made of both rubber and leather. Judging by the reviews, the quality at Meermin is not as stable as possible, but the prices are very modest. The design is classic, usually in the English style. Made in China. Finishing operations may be performed in Spain, but there are labels “Made in Shanghai” on these shoes. A curious detail: Meermin does not cooperate with resellers, but sells its shoes exclusively directly to customers.
  • Mezlan is the brand of Spanish shoes on our list. It is engaged in designer men's shoes. Based in Almansa. It is especially popular in the USA. Mezlan shoes are created in the constructions Goodyear Welted and Blake and are often hand-dyed. For their top, Western European calf skin (matte, grained, perforated and patent), as well as reptile and ostrich skin, are used. The lining and soles are usually made of leather, and the soles are usually dyed by hand, and their waists are slightly rounded. Occasionally, leather soles with rubber inserts and fully rubber soles are used. The design of shoes and boots Mezlan is quite traditional, but often it is original and sometimes quite catchy (too peculiar, so to say). Mezlan shoes are made in Spain.
  • Michel is a brand of relatively inexpensive men's shoes that dates back to 1925 and is based in Almansa, the Spanish shoe center. Michel's range includes models made in the constructions Blake and Goodyear Welted. Their lining is made of genuine leather; for the top, of course, leather is also used, usually of the middle class, sometimes matte, and sometimes polished (glossy) or even patent. Some models are made of suede. The sole is most often combined: leather + rubber (but sometimes it is fully made of rubber, for example, the brand Vibram). Design can be both conservative and innovative, sometimes even somewhat controversial and too catchy. Made in Spain.
    Spanish shoe brand Michel
  • MiSter is another Spanish shoe manufacturer on our list. It is engaged in classic men's shoes, based in the city of Almansa. It was founded in 1969. Now it supplies its products to approximately 60 countries and remains a family business. Some miSter models have a classic design, but others look peculiar and very specific. Cow, sheep and calf skin (smooth and printed) are used for the top of its shoes, and goat skin for lining. The soles are in most cases made of leather. It is possible to order shoes made-to-order. The construction is adhesive and glued-pierced (not Goodyear Welted and, judging by the video, not Blake Rapid). The soles and upper of some models are dyed by hand. Made in Spain.
  • Norman Vilalta is a shoe brand from Spain located in Barcelona, which exists since 2002. It is engaged in tailoring men's bespoke shoes in the construction Hand-Welted. In addition, it offers ready-made Goodyear Welted and Hand-Welted shoes. Design is both quite classic, traditional, and very original, a kind of author's vision of the classics, without obvious excesses, but not to everyone’s taste. For the top of Norman Vilalta shoes, high-quality calf skin from Western Europe is used, which is often dyed and patinated by hand. The lining is made of 100% leather, and the soles in most cases are also made of leather, manually dyed, with closed seams and a rounded or even beveled waist (bevelled, fiddle). Made in Spain.
  • Paco Milan is a Spanish shoe company for fairly budget and affordable men's shoes owned by Milan Classic S.A., that is, the one that owns the above mentioned Berwick brand. Excellent value for money, but the level is clearly lower than that of Berwick. The Blake construction. Design can be different: sometimes it’s pretty and elegant, and sometimes it’s rather plain and too artful. The upper is made of middle class leather and suede; leather is also used for the lining and soles (however, some soles are equipped with rubber inserts). Made in Spain.
  • Paco Valiente is a little-known brand of shoes for men and women, which exists since 1978. It belongs to a family company, which has a large factory and produces about 200 thousand pairs of shoes per year. These are usually casual and sports models with a low or even minimal formality degree; however, the brand has also quite strict classic shoes. The constructions of Paco Valiente shoes are Blake, Bologna, Kiowa and some others. Suede and calf skin are used for the top (smooth, printed, braided, sometimes hand-dyed). Lining is usually made of leather; soles are made of leather, rubber or synthetic materials. Country of origin is Spain.
  • Panama Jack is a quite large Spanish shoe company, opened in 1989. It specializes in informal boots and shoes with thick practical soles. The top of the Panama Jack shoe is made of suede, nubuck, nappa leather and often undergoes waterproof treatment. Soles are made of synthetic materials. The construction is usually Cemented; manual labour is used in production, but in relatively small volumes. The lining is made of leather, textile or natural fur (depending on the model). The shoes of this Spanish shoe brand often have external branding; the design is restrained and quite versatile, it fits well with casual looks (occasionally with smart casual). Sometimes a Gore-Tex membrane is used. Country of origin is Spain.
  • Pedro Garcia is a Spanish shoe company specializing in designer women's shoes. The brand belongs to a family company, which was founded in 1925 and is based in Elda (province Alicante). The design is often peculiar, original, but not too catchy and without a clear eccentricity. There are strict models with a classic concise appearance. The top is made of suede, as well as of smooth matte, textured and metallized leather (calf skin or sheep skin); occasionally from natural silk (in addition, silk is sometimes used for shoelaces). The lining is made of goat leather, silk or suede (depending on a model). The soles of some shoes are made of leather and are often fitted with anti-slip pads of synthetic materials, but many Pedro Garcia models are equipped with TPU or rubber soles. Swarovski crystals are used for decoration of some shoes. The constructions are Cemented, Vulcanised. All Pedro Garcia shoes are made in Spain in the brand’s own factory.
  • Pertini is another manufacturer of Spanish shoes, the brand is engaged in designer shoes for women. It was established in 1980 and is based in Almansa. The appearance of Pertini shoes, boots and sport shoes is often extraordinary and bright, some models look catchy and clumsy, but there are also quite restrained specimens. However, the sport shoes of the Spanish brands almost always have a bright design. Different types of leather are used as the main materials: smooth matte, metallized, patent, printed, perforated. Sometimes textiles and suede are used. Crystals are used for decoration of some models. Soles are usually made of synthetic materials; lining can be made of leather or fur. Made in Spain. It should be added that Pertini also has several models of men's shoes and sport shoes with a rather restrained, but still original and informal design.
  • Pielsa is a little-known brand of informal shoes that exists since 1921. It is based in Toledo. It specializes in topsiders and moccasins, for the production of which smooth and grained cow skin is used, as well as nubuck. The design is usually classic; the color range is quite wide, and among them there are not only restrained, but also bright fashion options. Some models are multicolored and look very specific. Soles are made of rubber with a corrugated surface. Sometimes there is no lining; if it is, it is made of leather. Country of origin is Spain.
  • Pikolinos is a very large manufacturer of women's and men's shoes, mostly in casual style. It was founded in 1984 and now exports about 80% of its products (in the USA, France, Germany and other states). It has not only its own factory, but also its own tannery; it is the owner of the brands Pikolinos and Martinelli (mentioned above). The range is huge. Pikolinos shoes are usually made of middle class leather and suede. The soles are made of synthetic materials, and the lining is combined (leather + textile). The design can rarely be called elegant, but there are some nice Pikolinos models. Almost all brand shoes are informal. The constructions are Vulcanised, Cemented and, possibly, some others. Made in Spain.
  • Ramon Cuberta is a legendary atelier specializing in tailoring bespoke handmade shoes. In addition, it offers ready-to-wear, made-to-measure and made-to-order models. Bespoke and made-to-measure Ramon Cuberta shoes are produced in the construction Hand-Welted; they have a lining completely made of leather and are usually equipped with spectacularly designed leather soles with a rounded or beveled waist and closed seams. Made-to-order shoes can be made in Hand-Welted and Goodyear Welted constructions (the latter option is cheaper); ready-to-wear – Goodyear Welted. The design is usually classic, but with the author's view; some models look extraordinary and are not to everyone’s taste. The top of Ramon Cuberta shoes is made of high-quality suede and European-made leather; the lining is completely of leather. It is possible to order a patina. All Ramon Cuberta shoes are made in Spain.
    Spanish shoe brand Ramon Cuberta
  • Roberto Ley is a family business that dates back to 1951 and is located in Almansa. It produces classic men's shoes with a traditional (in most cases) design. However, Roberto Ley has also quite peculiar models. The top of the shoes and boots of this manufacturer is made of suede and leather of different types: smooth (matte and glossy), grained, braided. Soles are made of leather and rubber. The lining can be made of both leather and fur. The constructions are Blake, Blake Rapid. Country of production of the shoes Roberto Ley is Spain.
  • TLB Mallorca is a young little-known shoe company in Spain from the island of Mallorca, specializing in classic men's shoes and boots. For the top of its shoes high-quality calf skin from France and Italy (smooth and grained) is used, as well as suede. Soles, in most cases, are also made of leather and are characterised with hidden seams and slightly sloped waists. Rubber and combined soles have opened seams and common waists. The construction of the shoes TLB Marllorca is Goodyear Welted; in production manual labour is used in significant (although not maximum) volumes. The lining is made of vegetable tanned calf skin. The design is classic. All TLB Mallorca shoes are made in Spain. It should be mentioned that the brand has a Made-to-order program that can be used even through the Internet. In addition, TLB Mallorca produces high-quality belts.
  • Umber are shoes made in Spain. The company is engaged in the production of men's and women's shoes, located in the city of Almansa. It exists since 1922. The design of Umber shoes and boots is both strict and restrained, and very specific. The top of the shoes of this brand is made of leather: smooth matte, glossy, printed (including crocodile print); sometimes textile and suede are used. The soles are made of leather and rubber. The lining is usually of leather. The construction is usually Cemented (in some cases, with a decorative seam on the sole). Umber shoes are made in Spain.
  • Unisa is a Spanish brand of shoes on the list. The brand deals with women's shoes, its history dates back to the 1970s and is based in the city Elda (near Alicante). It is worth noting that there are significantly fewer Spanish shoe brands for women than there are manufacturers of Spanish men's shoes (there are more brands here). Unisa uses leather from Italy, Spain and India for its products; it can be smooth matte, glossy / patent, metallized, printed, in different colors. Unisa also has suede models. The lining is made of leather and textile (sometimes it is 100% leather, sometimes combined); soles are usually made of synthetic materials, but Unisa also has shoes with leather soles. The range of Spanish shoes by Unisa is huge, and the design is diverse: some models look strict, restrained and minimalistic, but there are also bright, catchy specimens. The constructions are Vulcanised, Cemented. Countries of production of Unisa shoes are Spain and Brazil.
  • Yanko is a little-known but very careful shoe house from the island of Mallorca completes our article. It was created in 1961 by José Albaladejo Puhadas , the one who established later the Carmina brand mentioned above. In the late 20th century the Yanko brand experienced difficult times, but then it was revived and is now developing steadily, maintaining a high level of quality. Yanko shoes are created in the construction Goodyear Welted; they are equipped with lining completely made of leather, and smooth calfskin, grained leather and suede are used for their top. All these materials are purchased from Western European tanneries. Soles are made of leather, rubber and they can be combined (leather + rubber); some soles have closed channel stitching. The design is in most cases classic, conservative, in the style of English shoe school; however, Yanko has also quite original models, which design has Italian influence. Made in Spain. Detailed information about the Yanko brand and its shoes is presented here.
    Spanish shoe brand Yanko

Modern Spanish shoe brands

As you can see, not only espadrilles are made in Spain, and there are many shoe brands (as well as retailers) in various price segments. The production of shoes and manufactory in Spain continues to grow and gain popularity around the world. There are many Spanish shoe stores (online stores) and local artisans who do this on a smaller scale, opening small ateliers. Many people love and appreciate the individual style of the Spanish, which does not depend on fashion trends. Therefore, shoes in Spain from a local manufacturer will always be a success. For a long time, English shoes were considered to be the standard of quality, but British brands are no longer the market leaders. Today, such eminent Spanish firms as Berwick, Yanko, Michel, Carmina and Cordwainer successfully compete with English brands in quality and range width.

We did not include fashionable luxury brands of luxury shoes, since they vary greatly from collection to collection, both in look and sometimes in quality.

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