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Yanko Yanko 14527 Brown
Yanko 14527 Brown
Oxfords Berwick 4344 Black
Berwick 4344 Black
Oxfords Berwick 4344 Dark Brown
Berwick 4344 Dark Brown

According to Sven Raphael Schneider, the founder of the webzine Gentleman's Gazette, quarter-brogues in black and dark burgundy colours are business shoes and go well with strict suits. Black quarter-brogues made of smooth calf or cow leather with perforations along just one seam have the most formal look. They can be combined not only with dark business suits, but also with formal morning dress like stroller suits and morning coats. Of course they are too official for jeans and unpleated chinos.

On the other hand, lighter shades, textured materials and open lacing can downgrade the formality of quarter-brogues quite substantially. Thus, quarter-brogue derbys made of brown smooth leather can already be combined with jeans and unpleated trousers, but still can go well with some business suits, however, they cannot be matched with morning coats. Similar quarter-brogues in tan suede are even less formal but you still cannot combine them with shorts, and they are also no good match for ripped jeans.

It is no more complicated to care for quarter-brogues than for classic shoes of any other type, but you should watch that cream, dirt and litter do not accumulate inside of the perforations. Use a high quality horse hair brush and be particularly attentive when you apply the cream on the shoes: if there is some cream left in the perforations, you should carefully remove it with a brush.

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